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Pioneering the “One Belt, One Road” International Market Ceramic Industry Contact Center


On the afternoon of June 12, 2019, it was guided by Foshan Chancheng Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau, sponsored by Foshan Chancheng Ceramic Industry Association, co-organized by Nanzhuang Town Economic and Technology Promotion Bureau, and Miolante (Guangdong) Business Technology Co., Ltd. hosted the "Exploration of the Belt and Road" International Market Ceramics Industry Contact Center Inauguration Ceremony, successfully held in the "China's first ceramic town" - Nanzhuang Town (Huaxia Ceramics City) China Jiantao Town Exhibition Hall.

Since December 2005, Foshan Chancheng ceramics industry has been included in the "Guangdong Province's first industrial cluster upgrade demonstration zone", Foshan ceramics has attracted strong attention from all walks of life. This meeting is based on the comprehensive development of Foshan ceramic industry, and it is also connected to the international industry along the “Belt and Road”. Therefore, it is also highly concerned by relevant departments and enterprises.

Before the meeting, under the leadership of Wu Chengjiang, member of the Nanzhuang Town Committee, the participants learned about the development history of Foshan's ceramics industry for many years by visiting the documentary, visiting the five exhibition areas showing the innovation of the Foshan ceramics industry, and enjoying the ceramic culture. The embossed wall, the world map of ceramics, the landmark of the world of ceramics, the long scroll of ceramics industry, the memorabilia of Foshan ceramics, etc., understand the history of the evolution of the civilization of the millennium building ceramics, the innovation span of Chinese ceramics from imitation to innovation, and from follow to lead.

The meeting was first delivered by the Foshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Nanzhuang Town Committee, the District Economics Bureau, and the President of the Association. The organizer then invited the organizer to introduce the “One Belt, One Road” international market ceramic industry contact center project and The current international export trade opportunities are analyzed.