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Ceramic Industry WeChat Marketing Methodology


First, what is the dilemma?

Some ceramic companies have spent a lot of energy on operating the WeChat platform, but found that it is difficult to attract fans, push message hit rate and forwarding rate is low, and fans' unsubscribe situations sometimes occur. Some online WeChat online activities are very lively, but the chances of converting into offline transactions are very low, and there is no corresponding performance appraisal. As a result, many companies have fallen into the confusion of microblogging marketing on WeChat operations.

Second, what is the cause of the dilemma?

1. The particularity of the porcelain industry. The ceramic industry is a low-profile industry, and ordinary consumers are less interested in the WeChat public accounts of ceramic companies. Ceramic tiles and toilets are often purchased at one time, and the repeat purchase rate is extremely low. Even if the consumer pays attention to the QR code, after the home decoration is completed, it is generally not purchased twice.

2, the content is not very attractive to consumers. Many ceramic companies' WeChat platform is not pushing naked and hard, it is company introduction, corporate awards, corporate visits, company training, and content is worthless to consumers.

[Case Analysis 2] For example, [×××Ceramics], after the addition, it will automatically reply “Hello, thank you for paying attention to ×××ceramics! To understand the specific information of ××× ceramics, please reply to the code:×”. After replying ×, I received the message "Hello, here is the official WeChat of XX Ceramic Network, reply to the digital code: 1 - company profile; 2 - brand concept; 3 - corporate culture; 4 - contact."

3. Interactive design and customer experience are not good. Many ceramics companies have set up a programming model on WeChat platform, adding various functions such as product display, investment promotion, company introduction, decoration case, event introduction, customer service, etc., but the interaction design and customer experience are not very good. For example, there are too many pictures in many options. In the case of no Wi-Fi, the content is difficult to display after a long time refresh, and it is easy to unsubscribe.

4. The management model is not very reasonable. For example, many companies' WeChat platforms are managed by people in the planning and marketing departments. The resources allocated are very limited. There is no relevant training, no performance appraisal, and employees are not motivated. Therefore, it is simple and rude to push hard and wide, and the effect is of course not good.

5. Interactivity needs to be improved. Many companies have a comment bar below the WeChat interface, and most of them show "no comments yet." The prizes set during the event are unattractive and have low credibility.

[Case Analysis 3] Some ceramic enterprises WeChat platform added the reply as "Response × × ×, have the opportunity to become a lucky fan, a small gift waiting for you to take." One did not explain what the small gift was, and the second never announced the list of small gifts. For example, some ceramic enterprises carry out “the prize-winning activities, the first one to send ipad mini”. The winners are not announced after three months after the deadline, and there is no follow-up description of any activities.

6. The marketing design of the letter itself is not perfect. Although WeChat 5.0 introduced WeChat payment, the purchase mode of ceramic tile, a durable consumer product, is very complicated, and the experience of browsing the exhibition hall is very poor, and it is very difficult to reach a transaction. Assume that the transaction is concluded, WeChat does not have the mechanism of Alipay refund, payment The path is blocked by Alipay, and the risk of the customer WeChat paying 10,000 yuan is greater.

Third, think about the operation of WeChat

1. Customer interaction

In the public WeChat, you can set up a column of "Home Decoration Assistant". Any input of relevant words will have pre-set content and recommended push in the background. If the customer enters the keywords such as purchase and price, the background will brake into the manual customer service and conduct the shopping guide.

2. Viral marketing through valuable information

The existing modes of communication of the corporate public number mainly include drifting bottles, shaking, location signature, two-dimensional code, open platform, public platform, voice information, graphic information, etc. These methods all have one thing in common, that is Especially suitable for "push information".

[Case Study 6] Some companies systematically push some valuable information such as daily cleaning of small tiles and ceramic tile paving through WeChat platform, and then send them to friends to share and form a communication; because the information is valuable, it is Forwarding forms a secondary spread; then from the ceramics industry, it is heavily forwarded to the hands of ordinary consumers, detonating the butterfly effect. Due to the information comparison system, how many times consumers see the different news of the public number, it is likely to take the initiative to pay attention. The public number is then sold in a consumer-friendly manner. For example, clicking on the product can prompt the Tmall store discount, the address of the offline store, and other information.

3. Marketing through preferential activities

For example, WeChat sends preferential information and event information, which is an economical and affordable promotion mode. If the customer really gets the benefit, it is easy to actively promote the company and stimulate the word-of-mouth effect.

[Case Analysis 7] Many companies' WeChat platform adds information: “Response to the number×, query this month's promotion activities”; after the reply, push the information of some specialty products, such as 600×600 mm tiles to sell 18.8 yuan/piece, 300 The tile of ×450 mm is sold for 10.8 yuan/piece, and some product specials are indicated. The quantity is limited and sold out.

4. Use the “people nearby” to conduct store diversion

[Case Study 8] There are many exhibition halls in Ceramic City. How can customers be diverted to their own showrooms? Merchants can use the WeChat “nearby people” and “greeting” people nearby to push promotional information. For example, the signature is “××楼×××Ceramic is special event, the minimum of ceramic tile during the event is 2% off”; after the stranger replies or adds, you can make greetings and WeChat trumpet shopping guide.

5. Introduce customers to customers through an additional cash reward strategy

After each sale, many old customers may add the company's WeChat platform. Although these customers are unlikely to buy again, they are important partners in word-of-mouth marketing. You can try to get old customers to recommend new customers, and return the cash reward mode after the transaction is successful. For example, the A customer introduces the B customer to add the company's public account. According to the prompt message, B replies to the recommender as A. The background record: B customer purchases 10,000 yuan of ceramic tiles, and B customer scans the QR code. After one month, the company will return 700 yuan for B customers at 7%, and return 300 yuan for A customers at 3%. A customer is rewarding himself while helping B customers to make rebates, so they are willing to recommend other renovated customers.

6, WeChat to the offline dealer drainage

[Case Study 9] When the client introduces the product, it automatically imports the service of [Find Dealer], which can display nearby dealers from near to far according to your positioning, and provide map display and route acquisition.

7, WeChat Mall + purchase product decoration effect display

The mobile phone mall has been opened. In addition to the incomplete payment function, it has a complete sample classification query, sample display, shopping cart, and order function. If you import WeChat payment, in principle, you can sell WeChat for small products.

If you think about it, if you improve the experience and increase the decorative effect display function of many products that are not available in the physical storefront, it will help consumers to complete the overall purchase plan of ceramic tiles on WeChat, and you can pay directly by WeChat. It can also be intervened by manual customer service and converted into offline sales.

8, sales staff use the circle of friends for social marketing

Similar to "people nearby," WeChat marketing is not limited to public platforms. The marketing of engineering projects is more suitable for sales personnel to carry out personal communication on WeChat, combined with the sharing of friends and the endorsement of the public platform, to promote the salesperson's own value and the shaping of the company's image, and promote marketing.

At present, the operation of the WeChat public number of ceramic enterprises has just started, and the business model has not yet taken shape. In addition to the upgrade of WeChat's own version, the popularity of 4G network and free Wi-Fi, ceramic enterprises need to apply the public number to constantly try and error, combined with the background data analysis to accumulate experience, while learning and experiencing other companies' WeChat platform, and more with friends. It is also very important.