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Why choose ceramic gifts?


First, the definition
The Chinese nation is a state of etiquette. Since ancient times, as a symbol of Chinese civilization, ceramics and silk have always been the tribute to the people. Porcelain gifts have become an important category of modern family and business gifts. They use ceramics as a gift element to carry friendship and convey culture.


Second, classification
Ceramic gifts are mainly divided into two categories: daily-use ceramics and craft ceramics. For a long time, craft ceramics has always been the leading ceramic gift for its exquisite art. With the development of technology and the improvement of living standards, the demand for daily-use ceramics is also growing and improving. A group of high-quality, healthy daily-use ceramics are more and more popular and popular.
Third, the main origin of ceramic gifts
Fuling: Fuling is located in the eastern part of Hunan, bordering Jiangxi. In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, it belonged to Chudi. Qin Shili was in Changsha County. In the early Han Dynasty, Changsha was the capital of Fuling, and the Eastern Han Dynasty was the county. Its soil is fertile, and it has been a grain-producing area since ancient times. Surrounded by east and west, the water is convenient, connected by water and land, and rich in porcelain resources. It is an ideal place for porcelain making. The production of Fuling Ceramics began in the Eastern Han Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,700 years. The Donghan pottery site was found in the suburbs of the county. It can be seen that the pottery at that time was quite large. At present, Fuling's underglaze multicolored porcelain is famous all over the world, and it has a place in many famous ceramic producing areas in the world, and the trend of development and growth is getting faster and faster.




Fourth, the main features of ceramic gifts
1. Health is the first element of high quality ceramic gifts. With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the environmental protection and health of daily-use ceramics. Daily-use ceramics are pursuing lead-free cadmium dissolution in production processes.
2, high white jade porcelain is one of the most high-grade porcelain. In particular, the porcelain of Fuling Hongguan Kiln is made of high-white jade porcelain, which is made of precious and scarce Linchuan kaolin, high-quality quartz and feldspar as raw materials. It is fired at 1380 °C, and the porcelain is crystal clear and white. Jade, the porcelain surface is smooth and bright, the light is like a mirror, the porcelain tire is dense and delicate, the lightness is like paper, the porcelain sound is crisp and sweet, like a bell, it is known as "white as jade, bright as mirror, thin as paper, sound as loud" The name is.
3. Combination of processability and practicality. The trend of daily-use ceramics and the practical application of process ceramics are becoming more and more prominent. While people use healthy ceramics, there is a corresponding spiritual need.


Five, high-end ceramic gifts symbolize the taste
The history of ceramics has a long history and inherits culture. It is a symbol of the prosperity of Chinese civilization. For a long time, porcelain has been one of the main tributes of the royal family and exported to the ocean. The ancient nobles used precious porcelain to show their luxury and honor. The literati used porcelain, arty and elegant, reflecting the taste. Therefore, high-end ceramic gifts are a symbol of noble and extraordinary taste.