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Contemporary porcelain collection tips


Collecting and investing in contemporary porcelain, consider the following points:

First, we should choose from the beautification of home and personal appreciation as the starting point, and choose cheap and good quality porcelain, and the purchase price should not be too high.

Second, as a medium- and long-term investment consideration, the works of masters with masters of arts and crafts and masters of ceramic art should be selected. The price ranges from a few thousand to several tens of thousands. Will not buy imitations.

Third, the collection of some of the "Cultural Revolution" porcelains with a small amount of existence, with Mao Zedong's poems and model operas as the first choice, has great potential for value-added, but in recent years, some unscrupulous businessmen have begun to forge "Cultural Revolution" porcelain, collectors. Care should be taken when purchasing.

Fourth, the purchase of "ceramics" should be very cautious, because the "Mao Porcelain" process is very high, the number of handed down is very small, and the price is high, the market is complex, must be purchased through formal channels.

Fifth, fashion collectors can choose some unique styles and drawings with a sense of the times. Traditional collectors can choose the styling and the traditional style. As for the choice of large or small pieces, the individual economy. Strength and preferences.


A selection of today's well-made porcelain works, as long as the investment is right, will have a corresponding return, just a matter of time. In the current high prices of ancient porcelain in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and the shortage of genuine products, please pay attention to contemporary porcelain and pay more attention to the Red Guan Kiln. Today's Hongguan Kiln is dedicated to the promotion of official kiln, red culture, and colorful underglaze. On the other hand, it is committed to the production of colorful underglaze and the daily development of products, which are manufactured to meet the people's needs. High-end porcelain with better quality, purer taste and greater value.